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The Store fills a niche in downtown Salt Lake City for high-quality locally sourced food that’s fresh, flavorful and healthy. A comfortable seating area affords customers a chance to sit and enjoy their meal.

With an emphasis on customer service, a top-notch chef-driven culinary program and vast array of locally sourced specialty items, they offer hundreds of local products, in addition to the daily essentials. Rotisserie chickens, smoked meats, extensive deli offerings, and ready-to-eat options with two hot bars, pre-made sandwiches and salads all join a wide variety of “staple” items like milk, bread eggs, all of the highest quality. Beverage options include kombucha, cold brew coffee and the popular Pepsi all-natural “Stubborn” soda offerings.

Local specialties that are fan-favorites: The Store include: house-made cilantro lime dressing, packaged candies, house Tri‐tip which will be offered along with other high-quality Hereford beef offerings, local Clifford Family Farm eggs, house-made salsa (a decades-old classic recipe by the owner), homemade fried chips and fresh-squeezed orange juice.

The Store is now offering Grocery Shopping Assistance:
1. Call: 385-213-7900 Ext. 5 with your grocery list and choose pickup or delivery.
2. Pick-up: call 385-213-7900 Ext. 5 from the parking lot and they’ll bring your groceries out to you and place them in your trunk.

NEW! Order completely online and get in-home DELIVERY.



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